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Take a regulation

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Norm Ai

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We build

AI-powered, AI-ready, regulatory compliance

Proactive Mitigation

Identify and eliminate compliance risks before they happen.

Business Acceleration

Dramatically shorten compliance timelines.

Scaled Impact

Add regulation-aware, highly skilled AI agents to your teams.

Seamless Collaboration

Effortlessly delegate and validate compliance tasks.


Norm Ai agents are there whenever you need them

AI agents that understand regulations and your business


Add AI agents to your compliance team

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Automated and unlimited task delegation

Trigger detailed reviews and create regulator-ready reports
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What is an AI agent?

An AI agent is an autonomous program that can take actions to achieve goals. Our agents are built specifically to assist humans with regulatory compliance tasks.

What can Norm Ai agents do?

Norm Ai agents can help compliance professionals evaluate whether proposed content or actions are compliant with relevant regulations. They serve as a round of compliance checks and point to what may be problematic with what regulation, enabling compliance teams to quickly understand the basis for all determinations.

How does Norm Ai work?

Norm Ai pairs compliance and business teams with AI agents to proactively identify and mitigate risks. Our proprietary regulatory AI agents operate within networks of large language models that understand the full scope of any relevant regulation. This architecture enables humans to collaborate with AI via high-level instructions, while at the same time validating the resulting work product at any level of granularity.

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