Norm AI Platform

Regulation-aware AI agents purpose-built for compliance teams

Reduced risk and accelerated results

With deployments covering mission critical workflows, Norm Ai understands the importance of regulatory compliance. Norm Ai agents empower compliance teams to access and implement the most comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of regulations, accelerating business outcomes.

Always learning and adapting with the law

Risk and compliance challenges are evolving, placing stress on compliance teams to acquire new expertise. Norm Ai agents are constantly gaining new regulatory skills so you can benefit from an ever-expanding toolkit. Don’t be caught off-guard by complex new requirements.

Cutting-edge AI with a purpose

Norm’s proprietary AI stack ensures unparalleled regulatory comprehension by our AI agents. Operating within networks of large language learning models, our AI Agents can make immediate compliance determinations, undertake complex multi-step tasks, and provide actionable feedback grounded in deep regulatory understanding.  

Your compliance sidekick

Norm Ai agents are always ready to put their deep regulatory knowledge to work for you. Let them handle burdensome compliance tasks, so you can focus on driving strategic business objectives.

Trusted by the Fortune 100

Norm Ai agents are trusted by compliance professionals at leading institutions, including the Chief Compliance Officers of global companies.

fortune 100
  • Regulatory interpretation and guidance

    Regulatory interpretation and guidance

  • Situational awareness and understanding

    Situational awareness and understanding

  • Disclosure comparison and adjustment

    Disclosure comparison and adjustment

  • Content review and feedback

    Content review and feedback

Total control over your data

With Norm you have visibility on where your data sits and complete control over how it is utilized. You never have to worry about your data being exposed outside of your deployment.

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SOC II Aligned Security Framework

Data Security

Penetration Testing